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The 5 best parks in Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne is the second largest city by population in the state of Indiana. The growing city is a great place for families and the city also offers a number of amazing public parks to visit all year round. Here are the top 5 parks to see in Fort Wayne.

1. Promenade Park

Promenade Park is a popular destination in downtown Fort Wayne for locals and tourists. The park is located along the St. Mary's River and comes with a great modern playground, kayaking rentals, and paddle boat rentals. There are great food and drink options offered at the park. The Landing district is also a walking distance away from the park. Click here for more information about Promenade Park.

Promenade Park

2. Kreager Park

Kreager Park is a 172-acre park located east of Fort Wayne. The large park features amenities like softball fields, tennis courts, soccer fields, a playground, an aquatic center, and an outdoor fitness station. The Maumee Pathway trail is also accessible from the park. Click here for more information about Kreager Park.

Kreager Park

3. Shoaff Park

Shoaff Park is 134-acre park located on the north east side of Fort Wayne next to the St Joseph River. The park includes a scenic pedestrian trail, beautiful mature trees, a golf range, a golf course, and a great disc golf course. St. Joseph Pathway also begins at Shoaff Park and goes south into Fort Wayne. Click here for more information about Shoaff Park.

Shoaff Park

4. Foster Park

Foster Park is a 255-acre park located in southern Fort Wayne. The park is connected to the River Greenway trail system via St. Mary's Pathway trail. The Foster Park Golf Course is also connected to the park and there are other amenities included in the park such as volleyball courts, tennis courts, and walking trails.

Foster Park

5. Franke Park

Franke Park is a 329-acre park located next to the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo. Its proximity to the zoo makes the park a great destination for families and children. There are plenty of open fields and shelters that are great for picnics in the summer time. The park also includes a BMX track, mountain bike trails, and an outdoor theater. Click here for more information about Franke Park.

Franke Park